Monday, July 16, 2018

Comicbookgirl19 Quits Her Show On YouTube

This is a channel that I've watched for some time now.  It has high production quality.  It's funny.  I always enjoyed watching it.  But the main protagonist, comic-girl herself, is calling it quits.  In her final episode, number 117, she cites the many YouTube changes and lack of income as the main reason she's quitting.

This comes as a shock to me because I had thought she was pulling in some serious cash.  Just taking a look at her patreon, she has over nineteen hundred patrons.  She also pushes all her merchandise on her show, like her book clubs, and her yearly calendars.  This must be a very expensive show if she isn't even breaking even.

She never went into specifics and said she'll continue with content on Twitch, but only as herself without the wacky robot and friends.  So technically she's still doing a show, but severely downsized.  She also mentioned doing nude work in the future to pay off last year's government taxes.  That'll be something to look forward to.

I feel like this is more about being burnt out and having too many spinning plates while juggling knives and jumping through rings of fire.  But we might never know what this is all really about.  Maybe the YouTube changes that are coming, like channel money subscriptions, and channel promotional merchandising, would bring her back.

Sad Mallow

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