Sunday, July 15, 2018

Facial Recognition; Your Civil Rights Are Under Attack!

YOU!  Yes YOU!  You are under threat!  Your civil rights to privacy are under attack!  You need to fight back!  Microsoft is totally leading the charge in protecting you, from facial recognition!  All the other tech companies use it, like Apple unlocking your phone, or Facebook connecting you to old friends.  But not Microsoft.  They are a righteous company that is calling for the government regulation of all facial recognition software.

People thought that Microsoft was helping ICE in using facial recognition software in their hunt for aliens in America, but that is just hogwash.  Microsoft absolutely abhors the use of it, and wants government intervention.

You know, the same government that issues ID cards, takes our fingerprints, and monitors our every move.

Before cameras people used their eyeballs and before computers their brain would recognize faces.  I wonder how the government is going to regulate that?  I mean, when you actually think about it, facial recognition has been in effect ever since there were brains, isn't that how all species survive, by being able to recognize faces?  And our brains would store this facial information into something called memory, kinda like a computer does.  Is there regulation for this evil biotechnology?  Should the government force people not to recognize each other and have us forget all faces?  So much to think about and debate!

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