Monday, July 16, 2018

Warhol Censorship In The Mallow Universe

I was thinking a lot about my last video where I talked about censorship.  I wanted to create some art that would express some of the ideas I presented.  So I did this image. 

Pictures of Mallows with tape over their mouth.  And each image has a color variation.  These images are put on big size prints inside a museum on a wall. 

The idea is that there are many variations on opinion.  And there are many variations on censorship.  Censorship can come in many different forms.  Like taking ad revenue away, or burning books in a bonfire.  Each color represents something different. 

The wide open space of the museum offers a significant space for discussion of these ideas, and how all these ideas can be lost because there's so many ideas out in the world.  There's just not enough time to discuss them all.  And we become lost in a crowd of faces. 

And even that itself becomes a form of censorship.  That we have too much art, and too much to discuss and think about, that all the ideas become lost on us, and we lose out on things we might like. 

Maybe one day we can have a perfect world in which we get everything that we want, and nothing that we don't.  But even then, censorship still exists.  Perhaps, censorship is a good thing.  Maybe it'll lead to a better future? 

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