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Problems with LOD and Global Illumination in Unity

Real Time Global Illumination and LOD There is a problem with the Level of Detail (LOD) system Unity uses and real time Global Illumination.  When you move your camera around objects will change their appearance based on LOD.  But what you may have noticed is the lighting changes dramatically with the LOD changes.  This is because LOD doesn't work with Global Illumination, unless you also use Light Probes.   Quick Fix All you have to do is use light probes and the LOD will use the light probe data to make the lighting look right when the objects are changing out dependent on the camera distance.   You also must use a Light Probe Proxy Volume component.  Some Links For Further Research Unity Forum On LOD and Lighting Problem This link will take you to the Unity forum that shows pictures of the same problem with LOD lighting.  The fix is also discussed here by a Unity representative.       Unity Light Probes Manual This is a link to the Unity manual that also talks about the fix for