Monday, July 16, 2018

Comicbookgirl19 Quits Her Show On YouTube

This is a channel that I've watched for some time now.  It has high production quality.  It's funny.  I always enjoyed watching it.  But the main protagonist, comic-girl herself, is calling it quits.  In her final episode, number 117, she cites the many YouTube changes and lack of income as the main reason she's quitting.

This comes as a shock to me because I had thought she was pulling in some serious cash.  Just taking a look at her patreon, she has over nineteen hundred patrons.  She also pushes all her merchandise on her show, like her book clubs, and her yearly calendars.  This must be a very expensive show if she isn't even breaking even.

She never went into specifics and said she'll continue with content on Twitch, but only as herself without the wacky robot and friends.  So technically she's still doing a show, but severely downsized.  She also mentioned doing nude work in the future to pay off last year's government taxes.  That'll be something to look forward to.

I feel like this is more about being burnt out and having too many spinning plates while juggling knives and jumping through rings of fire.  But we might never know what this is all really about.  Maybe the YouTube changes that are coming, like channel money subscriptions, and channel promotional merchandising, would bring her back.

Sad Mallow

Warhol Censorship In The Mallow Universe

I was thinking a lot about my last video where I talked about censorship.  I wanted to create some art that would express some of the ideas I presented.  So I did this image. 

Pictures of Mallows with tape over their mouth.  And each image has a color variation.  These images are put on big size prints inside a museum on a wall. 

The idea is that there are many variations on opinion.  And there are many variations on censorship.  Censorship can come in many different forms.  Like taking ad revenue away, or burning books in a bonfire.  Each color represents something different. 

The wide open space of the museum offers a significant space for discussion of these ideas, and how all these ideas can be lost because there's so many ideas out in the world.  There's just not enough time to discuss them all.  And we become lost in a crowd of faces. 

And even that itself becomes a form of censorship.  That we have too much art, and too much to discuss and think about, that all the ideas become lost on us, and we lose out on things we might like. 

Maybe one day we can have a perfect world in which we get everything that we want, and nothing that we don't.  But even then, censorship still exists.  Perhaps, censorship is a good thing.  Maybe it'll lead to a better future? 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Censorship: What To Do About It

Hello and welcome!

So there's a lot of talk about censorship especially on sites like Twitter and YouTube.  There's a lot of different types of people getting their videos demonetized, or removed entirely.  Some people are just out right banned from social media.

None of this is actually new.  Censorship has always been something that those with power do to those they don't like.  There's always excuses for it, like trying to make the world a better place, or protecting children.  But the real reason is that it's just fundamental disagreement.  Let's just say that you like mixing ketchup in scrambled eggs, and someone else hates that.  They make it illegal for you to mix the two, saying that it's a public health crises and children will be put in danger.

What do you do about it?  Well you have to use allegory and metaphor.  That's right, it's that simple.  To avoid all censorship, at least most of it, do not say what you want to say directly.  Instead, you need to say something that is indirect and obfuscated so that only those who are privy would understand.

In all my time creating art, I have been , and have witnessed others, subjected to censorship.  The people censoring are always the dumbest people on the planet.  These people are not bright in the slightest and should have no place dictating what people are allowed to say and do.  But for some cruel reason, the universe has made it possible for these dimwits to control the artistic, creative, and political lives of other people.

Because these people are so stupid, all you have to do is hide your actual message in allegory or metaphor.  Don't directly say or do what you want.  Instead, obfuscate your message so the stupid people trying to censor you have no idea what is happening.  But everyone who isn't a moron will know exactly what it is you are saying.  So you win.  Game over for the censors.

Prophetic Video About The Future Of Mixed Reality

So much to contemplate about the future of mixed reality devices taking over our...reality.  This video seems to sum up a lot of fears that many have thought about.

It's really cool how somebody runs up to her and cuts her hand, but we can't see the perpetrator because he is blotted out from view.  Think of all the evil an organization can do when they have henchmen who aren't visible. 

But what about just turning all this technology off?  Would it be implanted into our eyeballs, or our brains?  What if none of it can be turned off and we become slaves to it?  And how would we really know if the technology is turned off?  What if we think it's turned off, but it's just showing us what ever the master wants?

Facial Recognition; Your Civil Rights Are Under Attack!

YOU!  Yes YOU!  You are under threat!  Your civil rights to privacy are under attack!  You need to fight back!  Microsoft is totally leading the charge in protecting you, from facial recognition!  All the other tech companies use it, like Apple unlocking your phone, or Facebook connecting you to old friends.  But not Microsoft.  They are a righteous company that is calling for the government regulation of all facial recognition software.

People thought that Microsoft was helping ICE in using facial recognition software in their hunt for aliens in America, but that is just hogwash.  Microsoft absolutely abhors the use of it, and wants government intervention.

You know, the same government that issues ID cards, takes our fingerprints, and monitors our every move.

Before cameras people used their eyeballs and before computers their brain would recognize faces.  I wonder how the government is going to regulate that?  I mean, when you actually think about it, facial recognition has been in effect ever since there were brains, isn't that how all species survive, by being able to recognize faces?  And our brains would store this facial information into something called memory, kinda like a computer does.  Is there regulation for this evil biotechnology?  Should the government force people not to recognize each other and have us forget all faces?  So much to think about and debate!