Sunday, June 16, 2019

How To Make Pixel Graphics With Blender

This is a quick guide on how to make pixel like graphics with Blender.  We can use the Blender Render, or the Cycles render.  Both are good.

You want to make pixel graphics but maybe you're really bad at drawing.  So you can use Blender and render out at a low resolution to get that pixel quality look that you desperately want.  Blender can do what you want.

Blender Render Pixel Graphics

You can use Blender Render for your pixel artwork.

First select Blender Render.

Then set your resolution to a low setting.

Then uncheck the "Anti-Aliasing" box so that there is no more edge blurring.  We can't have any edge blurring for pixel graphics to look correct.

Then we want to render it to see if it's the desired result. 

Viola!!!! Just what we wanted.  How about that? Blender can also do pixel graphics for your next project.  Whether for games, or just for fun, pixel graphics are totally doable with blender.  You can also check the transparent button to make the background disappear.

Cycles Render For Pixel Graphics

We follow the same steps above except we can't uncheck the "Anti-Aliasing" button.  We have to change the "Gaussian" blur.  You can also check the transparent button to make the background disappear.  

The lower the number, the less blur there is.  All this number does is cause a blur effect that is similar to anti-aliasing.  Just something we don't want when creating pixel graphics.  

Wrap Up

In my experience with pixel graphics in blender, Blender Render is just fine when doing renders like these.  The cycles engine just has a lot of overhead that might not produce desirable results.  


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