Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The Great Automation Scam

So I keep reading about automated trucks on the road.  Sure helps with stock numbers I'm sure.  Uber quit there automated trucks department, probably a smart move on their part.  Better for them to focus on things that are real and actually exist.

Lots of companies claim they have these trucks.  But they do not.  They are liars.  Probably looking for a buyer.  They'll probably sell there "automated trucking company" for billions of dollars and cause the next big stock crash just like the 90's dot com bust.  Billions of dollars wasted on tech that just isn't feasible.  Sure would make some people rich but truckers wont be out of the business.  Since all the hype about automation, most young people would never get into trucking so there will be a great shortage of truckers.  This will cause a huge stalled out economy.  The stalled economy will hurt the stock market and everything else with it.

People will be scratching there stupid heads wondering why things aren't looking so great.  Well, it's because automation is a hyped train that set to blow up.  The lies, the liars, and the stooges that help them, will all be culpable. 


  1. Hey man, do you plan in updating banana town?

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