Monday, August 16, 2021

Predictions on Crypto

 One main thought I have about Crypto is that the government will continue printing money and so inflation will continue as well. Crypto will also deflate, or at least not inflate, so crypto will keep making huge gains whilst fiat keeps falling backwards. 

The government has made too many promises to voters so they must print massive money piles. There is no other way to fulfill all those promises. 

By the end of Biden’s presidency, there will be huge price increases in all goods and services, and inflation will be the big topic in main stream news. Crypto will be priced much higher than it is today and so there will be a lot of talk about just using Crypto as currency instead of fiat. 

This will keep the bull run with Crypto and anyone holding Crypto now will be mega rich. 

So my prediction is hold your coins. 

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